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Carousel Cares

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The Carousel Credo

The Carousel Credo includes techniques from a variety of early childhood frameworks, creating a conglomerate of strategies unique to Carousel.  Carousel values the importance of play and adventure by incorporating intentional learning objectives through play-based delivery. Our advanced kindergarten preparatory program utilizes researched-based curricula’s and methods of interaction to teach children the appropriate developmental skills to continue progressing and preparing for top rated elementary schools. Once targeted developmental skills are achieved, we push our students to advance to the next level of learning. Our practices are developmentally appropriate and comprehensive, encouraging the growth of the whole child. This includes targeting social emotional development, cognitive development, general knowledge, mathematics, science, social studies, creative expression, language and literacy, physical development and approaches to learning. ​

Carousel Committed

At Carousel Preschool, we care about our student's success. We provide our students with a secure social emotional base and a solid learning foundation to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Starting in the infant room through Pre-K 4, our children are exposed to age-appropriate stimuli and activities designed to encourage their developmental growth.

Additionally, are committed to keeping our students Healthy & Safe. We prioritize Health & Safety protocols and follow all Office of Public Health Guidelines and Louisiana Department of Education licensing requirements. All staff is CPR & First Aid Certified and trained on Health & Safety Protocols annually.

Painting Class
DIY Children Activities

Carousel's Values

At Carousel, we value Compassion and treat children, teachers and families with kindness, love and empathy. We strive to instill these qualities in our students as part of their learning journey. We value Consideration and Commitment, prioritize respect, trust and honesty, and remain dedicated and encouraging to our all members of our Community. Carousel values Creativity and inspires learning through adventure and play!

Carousel's Chronicle

Carousel Preschool, formerly known as Children's Carousel Learning and Daycare Center has been providing the Greater New Orleans area with quality childcare services since 1990. In 2018, Children's Carousel underwent a change of ownership and changed its name to Carousel Preschool to represent its modern approach to early childhood education.

Carousel Preschool partners with Jefferson Ready Start Network and the Louisiana Department of Education to provide high quality early education.


Our Owner, Arielle Hughes was named Louisiana's 2024 Early Childhood Leader of the Year!

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