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Diverse Learning Environments

Toy and Onesie


Our infant program provides our littlest learners with a safe, loving, and caring environment focusing on meeting each child's individual needs.  We know how hard it is to leave your baby for the first time, and we are here to provide your baby with a warm, emotionally supportive experience. We value communication and partnership with families as your baby develops through the first year of life. We understand that every baby is different, and we follow the cues of the infant to provide your little one with a personalized experience. Our infant program encourages developmental milestones through facilitated exploration, reading, songs, intentional learning experience and lots of language modeling.



As a child reaches certain developmental milestones,, typically around 12-14 months of age, we start to see our little babies develop into curious and ready to learn toddlers.  Our Toddler program provides a structured schedule, increased stimulation and focuses on more advanced learning opportunities embedded through daily routines and experiences. Our toddler program encourages independence, language and social-emotional development. Toddlers are exposed to a variety of intentional learning opportunities purposefully planned to engage with Toddler interests and increase a child's expansion of cognition. Toddlers learn best through play, excitement, repetition and frequent exposure. 

Pre-K 2

As children approach age 2, we start to see little curious toddlers develop into very independent and still curious young learners.  Our Pre-K 2 program builds upon skills learned in the toddler program and implements additional instructional learning with a strong focus on language, early literacy, mathematics, physical and social-emotional development. We frequent practice language modeling to encourage the a varied vocabulary as we see a burst of language skills develop at two years of age. Twos become more confident in their knowledge of colors and shapes, and start identifying numbers and letters. Pre-K 2 introduces toilet-training, and consistently encourages independence skills. 

Pre-K 3

Pre-K 3 students are introduced to a higher level curriculum, Creative Curriculum for Preschool, a research-based curricula that uses a whole-child approach, developing all areas of the child. In Pre-K 3, instructional learning includes more advanced concept development, language modeling,  and quality of feedback.  Children learn through investigation and discovery in well-defined play centers filled with meaningful materials designed to build upon new and existing skills. Classroom teachers purposefully interact and engage with children to encourage critical thinking skills, advanced language acquisition, and brain development. Preschoolers join group circle time, targeted small group activities, and planned large group activities. Each preschool classroom builds a community by providing students with opportunities for independence and classroom roles. 

Learning to Read
Reading with Magnifying Glass

Pre-K 4 & Kindergarten Preparatory

The Kindergarten Preparatory Program uses a mix of Creative Curriculum for Preschool and Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten, an advanced kindergarten-level curriculum . Pre-K 4 classrooms are carefully designed with structured learning centers as well as always accessible art and writing materials. All classroom learning materials are presented with supplemental guidance on how to interact with these materials in a way that encourages further learning and development. Pre-K students are capable of more advanced back and forth conversational exchanges and feedback loops and are regularly asked thought provoking how and why questions designed to increase critical thinking skills.  Pre-K students value their important roles in the classroom, learn the value community, and learn compassion. The curriculum includes all required kindergarten entrance skills.

Camp Carousel

Camp Carousel runs from the first week of June to mid-August every summer. Curriculum switches to a focus on fun, exciting, summer "themes" and children engage in daily special events. Toddlers through Pre-K students engage in typical classroom environments with supplemental Camp special events. Camp Carousel also hosts a program for school-aged children up to age 7 to attend. Older students engage in STEAM learning opportunities, science/sensory experiments, writing and journaling, cooking and baking, creative arts, and physical outdoor learning. Special events include: water play, inflatable water slides, pony rides, petting zoos, animal enrichment, magic shows, sports events, local entertainers, dance/movement activities, bounce house and more!

Kids in Bouncy Castle
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